Casa del Sol

Full renovation and exterior upgrade in Coral Gables, Florida.

“Casa del Sol” is a full renovation and exterior upgrade of a 1926 historic home in Coral Gables, Florida. The home is fronting beautiful Granada golf course within the City Beautiful. The 2 story home had some interesting adaptations over the years, but due to some original photographs, it was possible to bring back and enhance some of the original detailing. Most exterior alterations were in the spirit of the original home.

Exterior work includes a new front door, garage door and side entrance for home office. A new terrace was connected to the interior breakfast area, the driveway was reworked for a cleaner look.

A large family room was reconnected with an extended upper level split level to relocate the kitchen as a more central space for the home. The original kitchen was converted to a home office with an added powder room for convenience. All bedrooms and bathrooms were reconfigured for better use and function, a laundry room was also added. The 2nd floor consists entirely of the master suite. A small flat roof serves as private terrace to overlook street and golf course. Some windows had to be added and altered to accommodate the reconfigured spaces.

  • Architect: Sebastian Eilert
  • Completed on: March 2017
  • Location: Coral Gables, Florida
  • Rooms: Kitchen, family room, laundry master suite, home office, bed and bathrooms.

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